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Introducing Transformerz

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For every Transformerz event we provide transportation (via taxi) for tweens and teens coming from lower income to poor areas.  We also find sponsors for these Transformerz to attend all our events.  Become a sponsor for our events and be a part of transforming tweens/teens lives!

If you would like to donate towards Transformerz, you can do this using the following banking details:


Bank: FNB


Account Number 62822051801

Branch Code: 255355

Branch Name: MY BRANCH

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Transformerz is the place to be!

Tweens and teens are called to be transformerz!

Esmé Schmitt is the Founder of Transformerz, a movement under tweens and teens.

Our vision is;

To Ignite Revival.

To see generations of tweens and teens from different cities, cultures and churches that love God passionately, are hungry and thirsty for Him, filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit and transform society through God’s Power.

Ministries belief that children are called to be transformers.  When they are baptised with the Holy Spirit, they receive the full Holy Spirit.  They do not have a junior and insignificant Holy Spirit.  We are living in an exciting time when God is truly pouring out His Presence over children.  He is calling children into their true identity and want to empower them to do the works of Jesus (and more) on earth!

Our mission is;

Transforming tweens and teens by:

  • Knowing and experiencing the Love of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Discovering their true identity in Christ and the redemptive work of the cross
  • Igniting a passion to commune with God through spending time with Him, praying and reading the Word (Bible)

Transforming society by seeing tweens and teens:

  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit and bringing heaven to earth
  • Tweens and teens do this by:
  • Hearing and being obedient to God’s voice.
  • Walking in faith
  • Healing the sick
  • Prophesying to release knowledge and wisdom of God into all spheres of society
  • Solving problems in society by accessing heavenly knowledge
  • Fulfilling their destiny and unlocking the destiny of others

What is Transformerz?

Transformerz is a movement of tweens and teens (Grades 4 – 10, ages 10 – 16) who are trained and mobilised to be transformers in their families, schools and in society.  Transformerz consist of two parts, namely the Leadership Academy and a Club.

Transformers Leadership Academy

This Academy is for tweens and teens who are called to be leaders at school and in society.  The aim of the Transformerz Leadership Academy is to equip them for ministry and to be leaders in society. During the club tweens and teens learn to purposely love God, themselves, their family, their friends and their world. During the Academy they learn how to minister in the Power of the Holy Spirit, preach the gospel, heal the sick and hear God’s voice.

We host four events for this Academy a year.  Each event is about 2 and a half hours long.  Tweens, teens, children’s pastors and leaders from other churches are invited to join.

Transformers Club

The Transformerz Club is a three day event.  During the club the tweens and tweens will learn about the Power of the Holy Spirit within them to transform their families, school and society. They will have many opportunities to worship God, Encounter His love and Presence, learn about their identity, play games and have fun. The exciting thing about this club is that the kids get really fired up for God!

Each day, tweens and teens also go on various types of outreaches like visiting parliament, hospitals, police stations etc.  During these outreaches tweens and teens practise what they have learned during the club.

Host your own Transformerz

Would you like to host your own Transformerz in your city?  Do you desire to see your kids set aflame for the gospel?

If you join Transformerz, you will receive the following:

  • Skype call with Esmé to explain Transformerz
  • Instructions on how to do a Leadership Academy
  • Teachings for four Leadership Academy events in a year
  • Instructions of how to do a Transformerz Club
  • Monthly email that is sent to each child in your Academy (this email includes resources like a Bible study or teaching video)

To receive all those amazing benefits, you only pay $100 per year!

Please contact us if you want more information or want to start Transformerz in your city!