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What we do?

Equipping for Ministry

Transformerz is a movement that equips tweens and teens, ages 10 – 18, for ministry in their family, school and wider world. We call the tweens and teens that join this movement: Transformerz!   What sets this movement apart from others, is the focus on equipping our Transfomerz to minister to their peers. We raise up our Transformers to do the work of the ministry, to lead our events and much more! Adults are utilized to provide guidance, couseling and other supporting roles (whatever else is needed to support our Transformerz.)

To equip our Transformerz, we utilize preaching of the Word, Bible teachings and various training and development courses to disciple our tweens and teens.

Transformerz is not a local church. It is an international movement that equips the Body of Christ, focusing on the ages 10 to 18 (or final year of school).


Transformerz hosts online and onsite meetings, called Xplosions, where tweens and teens can:

  • Encounter the LOVE and GLORY of the Trinity,
  • Meet Jesus
  • Be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • Experience the transformational power (in body, mind and soul) of the Trinity.

Our Xplosions take place online, and on Saturday afternoons in various venues in the Western Cape and in schools (during school time).

Immersed in the Holy Spirit

At Transformerz we believe that tweens and teens, who know God, do not carry a junior Holy Spirit. Their bodies are the temple of God (1 Cor 6:19) and they walk in the same Power and Might as adults. At Transformerz we aim to release tweens and teens to experience and to walk in this Power and Might.  We utilize Xplosions and various training opportunities to achieve this aim. We encourage our Transformerz to be motivated by God’s Love and Jesus’s Compassion; and to heal the sick, raise the dead, set the captives free, care for the poor and much more.

Living in relationship with God

At transformerz we believe that tweens and teens, who know God, are one with Christ (1 Cor 6:17). This enables us to have a living relationship with the Trinity. We don’t just speak to God on Sundays, but walk with Him moment to moment.

To assist our Transformers in this, we provide:

  • Bible Reading plans
  • Bible Study guides that demonstrate how to connect with and encounter God on a daily basis. We encourage our tweens and teens to read the Word, receive Revelation from God, and to encounter Him.

Ministers on Social Media

We believe that our Transformerz are called to minister the Gospel online. They are uniquely positioned to do this and God uses them powerfully. We train our Transformerz to create their own media and how to be a social media influencer for Christ.

How do tweens and teens join the movement?

How it works

Tweens and teens can join this movement in various ways.

We recommend that tweens and teens sign up for and then attend an online or onsite Xplosion. Once they know who we are, we encourage our Transformerz to follow us on Instagram and youtube, sign up for our courses, watch on regular online teachings, join one of our ministries (like dance, media, etc) and organize a Transformerz Xplosion in their City!!!

Sign up for the next Transformerz Xplosion in the Western Cape:

We also recommend that parents and or tweens sign up using WhatsApp following this procedure:

Step 1: Save the Transformerz WhatsApp number on your phone

Step 2: Send Transformerz a message and request to receive updates on upcoming events. Our number is: 087 095 2697

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Heaven to earth


Full of Power

full of Holy Spirit

Be filled with love

Obey God

Hear God

Be supernatural

Know who you are

Pray for the sick

Read the Bible

Raising Transformerz

Our Vision

Ignite Revival.

To see generations of tweens and teens from different countries, cities, cultures and churches that love God passionately, are hungry and thirsty for Him, filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit and transform society through God’s Power.

Our Mission

Transforming tweens and teens by:

  • Knowing and experiencing the Love of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Discovering their true identity in Christ and the redemptive work of the cross
  • Igniting a passion to commune with God through spending time with Him, worship, praying and reading the Word (Bible)


Transforming society by seeing tweens and teens:

  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit and bringing heaven to earth
  • Tweens and teens do this by:
  • Hearing and being obedient to God’s voice.
  • Walking in faith
  • Healing the sick
  • Prophesying to release knowledge and wisdom of God into all spheres of society
  • Solving problems in society by accessing heavenly knowledge
  • Fulfilling their destiny and unlocking the destiny of others

Core Values

Become a partner of Transformerz

Do you want to see tweens and teens lives transformed by the Gospel and Power of God? Become a partner of this movement. We are creating innovative content and programs on web, streaming and social platforms to share the Word of God and to equip tweens and teens. We also organise face-to-face events where teens and teens gather to worship and meet God. There are many costs involved, e.g. equipment, production, technology, face-to-face events…but our tweens and teens are worth it. We cannot do this on our own, we can only do it together.

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