Did you know that you can live life abundantly?  Yes, it’s true.  God has a great plan for your life.  Plans to give you a hope and a good future.  It truly is His plan to grant you the desires of your heart.

These plans are not just for adults.  It’s also for children.  In fact, its a multi-generational promise.  Would you like to live this abundant life?  Do you want to raise your children or the children you are working with to know and live their purpose? If so, then journey with me into the Love of God!


Are you working with children? A parent? Learn how to raise children to become spiritually mature. Esme is taking hands with children's pastors worldwide to bring you conferences, workshops, youtube videos, posting on social media and various resources for this journey.

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Esmé Schmitt is the Founder of Transformerz, a movement under tweens and teens. Our vision is to Ignite Revival. To see generations of tweens and teens from different cities, cultures and churches that love God passionately, are hungry and thirsty for Him, filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit and transform society through God’s Power.

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Speaker: Esmé Schmitt | May 30, 2019

How to guide your child through exams

How to guide your child through exams

In this video Esmé discuss some practical things you can do at home when your kids are writing exams.  Kids get full of fear during exam time...


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Transformerz Club

Wednesday, Journey of Grace, South Africa

Ignite Cape Town

Friday, Journey of Grace, South Africa

Transformerz Leadership Academy Klerksdorp

Friday, 64c Ian Street, Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp
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1 day ago

Lynette Schenck Snyman and I was on Radio Tygerberg this morning, talking about Transformerz (see www.esmeschmitt.org) and our upcoming Ignite conference (see www.esmeschmitt.com/ignite). Loved ... See more

5 days ago

Today practise being JOYFUL. If your children are depressed teach them this skill to move them into joy: Ask them to think about a happy memory. Next let them ask God, "Where were you during that ... See more

6 days ago

You have permission to be in 'high spirits' today...not because of your circumstances, but because of LOVE..be HIGH on God's LOVE today. Love it!

1 week ago

Children need to know that God not only hears them, but that He is also interested in communicating with them. Teach children to speak to God, but also to be still and to hear what He says!


  • About thirty years ago, God gave me a vision of how children’s ministry should operate, the goal being to turn them into lifelong worshippers and intimately acquainted with the Godhead.

    I started praying for such a ministry and can honestly say that Esme Schmitt Ministries is fulfilling every expectation of that vision. Seeing her ministering to the little ones is so satisfying to me, knowing that another solid foundation for that life is being laid. All the glory to Jesus!

    Marinda Cornelius
    Marinda Cornelius
    Founder of MEC Ministries
  • Esme came the first time to our church with a Team from South Africa. During the conference she ministered powerful to both – adults and children. She is really on fire for God and carries a great anointing to bring people and especially children into an encounter with God.

    The material Esme wrote about children ministry and encounter stations are powerful, practical and easy to implement. I can highly recommend her whole ministry – lives will be changed forever.

    Stephanie Popp
    Stephanie Popp
    Senior Pastor, Oase Christengemeinde, Germany
  • Esme Schmitt is a passionate, fiery, anointed and well-received international minister. She ministers powerfully to children and adults alike around the world, bringing them into freedom and equipping them to access the supernatural with ease. Her ministry is marked by a spirit of breakthrough, timely prophetic words, excellent teaching, joy and life-changing encounters with God. I highly recommend this gifted and experienced master - builder in the Kingdom.

    Denise Padayachee
    Denise Padayachee
    Founder of Wells
  • Esme Schmitt is a very special leader in the Body of Christ. I have never seen anyone motivate and activate entire churches for children’s ministry like Esme. Her ability to inspire and equip children to know Jesus and live powerful is a real gift from God. Esme is both a birther and a builder. She is a creative pioneer as well as a wise master building. Esme is humble, smart, courageous, fun and anointed. I highly recommend her ministry.

    Bill Bennot
    Bill Bennot
    Senior pastor of Journey of Grace