Meet Esmé

So glad to meet you here!

My Family


am honored to be part of multi generations of people who has served God passionately.  My grandfather, for example, was an evangelist who fearlessly preached the gospel everywhere he went. Nearly every day at work, during lunch time, he would get on a small crate to preach the gospel.  I always wonder the size of the multitudes that greeted Him when He entered heaven for the final time!

I also had the privilege to be lead to the Lord by my dad at a young age.  How amazing is that!  Some of my fondest childhood memories are lying on the carpet at church and just soaking in the love of God.  I always loved church.

I am privileged to have a loving mom and dad who truly supports me.  My mom is always baking snacks for my conferences!  She has such a servant heart.  I have one sister whom I am really fond of.  We are best friends and also live close to each other.  Together we have shared a life time of good, and bad, memories.

My Childhood


went to school in Cape Town, South African.  In high school I had many face to face encounters with God and developed the desire to bring the gospel to the nations.  I ‘practised’ being a missionary by teaching the Bible to small groups of kids and sharing my God experiences with friends at school. As long as I can remember, I loved the Presence of God.

One of my greatest desires in High School was to travel to the nations.  I wanted to see the world and experience different cultures.  My plans were to become a missionary in India.  But God had a bigger plan for me!

Education Background


have an extensive history in education.  I earned a Honors degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch and then a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Cape Town.

I started my career as a primary school teacher in South Africa…including participation in a three year cultural exchange program in North Carolina, USA.  I taught Mathematics and Science to Middle School learners there.   Next, I became a Mathematics education lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University.  After some years of lecturing, I became involved with various projects including teacher training and development in Mathematics and the developing of Mathematics test for the Western Cape Education Department.  I am also the author of several series of Mathematics textbooks that are currently being used in schools in South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia.

Radio and Puppetry


hilst working in education for about 15 years, I always had a desire to step into full time ministry.  Since it did not seem to be the season for that, I I followed the Holy Spirit’s guide in becoming a minister of the gospel at my work place.  I learned the skill of puppetry and used this tool to minister to children in Southern Africa, North and South America.  My puppet called Sunshine is an all time favorite with both adults and kids.

I also had been privileged to write and produce Children’s Christian radio theatre for Radio Tygerberg. My stories, called Brille sê, aired for nearly 5 years in the Western Cape.

Stepping Into Full Time Ministry


In 2012 God called me into full-time ministry. I took a deep breath, decided to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and stepped out in faith.  I must admit that I had to walk through a lot of fear in the process of doing this, since I was really settled in my world at that time.  I moved eight hours away to a city I did not know, called East London in South Africa and became the children’s pastor of Supernatural Kids at God Adventure.

I understand now why God sent me to God Adventure.  He wanted to teach me about revival, how to steward it and how to lead children into God Encounters.  I was back in the training arena with the Holy Spirit and had to learn how to teach children to hear God’s voice, pray for the sick, preach the gospel and so much more.  I had to learn how to raise revivalists!

My Passion


n 2015 I founded Esmé Schmitt Ministries.  God opened doors and sent me to the nations to share what He has taught me about raising revivalists.  I started to do conferences for both children and adults in North and South America, Europe and Africa.  I have seen many kids and adults come to salvation, getting filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit and walking in that Power.

Currently I am also the children’s pastor at Journey of Grace (Cape Town) and the Director of the Cape Town School of Supernatural.

It is my passion to see multi-generations step into the fullness of what God has for them. I belief that God has an abundant life planned for us. Once you know who you truly are, can hear and is obedient to the voice of God; you can achieve great things through the Power of God!

Our Associations

Esmé Schmitt Ministries is proud to take hands with several ministries.  Together we fulfil God’s purpose for us on the earth.  Here are the ministries I am honored to be associated with:

My local church

Alex and Steffi Popp

Lindy-Ann Hopley

Cape Town School of Supernatural

Patricia King Woman in Ministry Network

Nigel and Debbie Desmond

Marinda Cornelius

Bill and Connie Bennot

Denise Padayachee

Carol Campbell

Flynn and Sally Goodwin

Cecile and Jonothan Murray

Esmé's mentors

I belief in being teachable.  Through the years there have been several people who have made a profound impact on my life.  Here are some of these individuals:

  • My dad
  • My mom
  • My sister
  • Bill Bennot
  • Connie Bennot
  • Nigel Desmond
  • Debbie Desmon
  • Carol Campbell
  • Patricia King (I am part of her Woman in Ministry Network)
  • Donna Partow
  • Katie Souza
  • Bill Johnson
  • Kris Valotton