Giving is joy

Why We Give

We believe that Christians give because it is a reflection of the nature of God. It mirrors the nature of Jesus Christ who gave his life, and of the Holy Spirit given to be our Comforter. When we give, we become imitators of God.  Thus, it is through our giving that we magnify the self sacrificing love of Jesus on the cross. In giving we become more Christ like.  Your donations to Esmé Schmitt Ministries will enable us to host conferences for kids and adults and develop resources for children in need.  Your generous gifts fund some of these projects:

  • Transformerz Leadership Academy for children ages 8+
  • Transformers Club for children ages 8+
  • “I am amazing” Conferences for children in Africa
  • School outreaches in Africa

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Support Us By Buying Our Products

We would like to freely share our resources for adults and children in need.  Each purchase you make helps us achieve that goal.