Transformerz Fire School 2023

Welcome to our Online Campus! Join us in 2023!

Information about our Fire School

Click on the image to the left to download the full document.  This information document explains the following about our Transformerz Fire School 2023:

  • What is our school about?
  • Who is this school aimed at?
  • What do we teach at the school?
  • What do tweens/teen do at the school?
  • What are the foundational principles of the school?
  • What is the cost of the school?
  • How you tweens/teens can apply for the school?

Sign up your big group of tweens or teens for Fire School 2023?

Do you want to sign up a big group of tweens/teens?  This is what you need to know:

School fees:

The price for the school is R250 per tween or teen.  If you live in an area where your your tweens/teen cannot afford the full amount, then please contact us for a special discount or an alternate arrangement.  You can contact us via email ( and whattsapp (087 095 2697).  We would love to hear from you.

Apply for Fire School 2023:

Each tween/teen in your group needs to apply for the Fire School.  There are two ways to apply for the school.

Electronic application:

We encourage tweens/teens to do this online, using this link:  Please copy and send this application link to all the tweens/teens in your group.  Please note that there are sections in this application form that their parents/guardians need to complete.  Tweens and teens can use their phones to complete the application form.  The form is very user-friendly.

Paper application:

If your tweens or tweens don’t have access to data, please contact us for an alternate way to sign them up for our Fire School.  Send us a message using or 087 095 2697 (whattsapp).

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Do you want to sign up your tween/teen?

Each tween and teen that want to attend our Fire School, has to complete an application form.  When completing this form, they have to provide an email address and whattsapp number (if available) that can be used to contact them regularly in 2023.   Please click on the button below to complete this application form.  There is also a question in the application form that your tween/teen need to complete. 

Please note:  The application form is designed so that you can sign in all your children on one form, up to five siblings! 


Cost of the Transformerz Fire School 2023

The cost of the school is R250 per tween/teen.  This fee is called the application fee.  Your child will pay no other fees for the school.  Remember the following when making payment for the Fire School:

  1.  Use the following as your reference when you make payment:  name+surname (of parent/guardian who signed up their tweens/teens for the Fire School)
  2. Please email your proof of payment to  (if proof is available)

You can make an online payment (debit, credit or instant EFT) or do a direct deposit into our Transformerz bank account in South Africa.  Our banking details are:

Transformerz banking details

  • Account Type: BUSINESS ACCOUNT
  • Account Number 62822051801
  • Branch Code: 255355
  • Branch Name: MY BRANCH
  • Swift Code:  FIRNZAJJ

Reference:  name+surname (of parent/guardian who signed up tween/teen for Fire School 2023)

How can you contact our Transformerz Fire School?