Can children encounter God?

Can children encounter God?

God loves children. When Jesus was on earth He rebuked adults who prevented children from being with Him. He even said that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

God wants children to be with Him, know Him and experience His Love. God does not wait for children to come after Him – no, He pursues them! His pursuit is so real that He also gives them the fulness of His Presence. It’s God’s desire that children encounter Him with all their being. He truly loves them with an everlasting love.

Can children encounter God? Yes, because He has decided to encounter them!

I think adults underestimate God’s desire to encounter children.  We don’t recognise that Father’s heart towards children and His desire to have a friendship with them.  If we did, we would totally change the way we work with children!  It truly is time to hear the Father’s heart beat for children and to allow Him to meet with children in the way He chooses!


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