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How to teach children about the baptism of the Holy Spirit (part 1)
How to teach children the power of testimonies: Tips for parents, school and children’s church
Stepping into Joy in Kid’s joy!

Category: Children's Church / Speaker: Esmé Schmitt
May 04, 2018

How can you shift the atmosphere in your children’s church from oppression to joy? Watch some practical tips to do this!

Prophetic Word

Speaker: Esmé Schmitt
April 19, 2018

This is a prophetic word for the current season we are in (April 2018)

New Levels (Live streaming from Journey of Grace)
Is what you thinking and desiring really from God? (short teaching)
Children’s Church: Lesson on being thankful
Joy in Kid’s Church: Develop a Wineskin for Revival in Kid’s Church (Live stream on facebook)
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