Raising Kid Revivalists Conferences

Esmé has presented Raising kids revivalist Conferences in various cities in South Africa and France.

Purpose of the conference

The conference aim to equip and encourages anyone working with (especially children’s pastors, leaders and children’s ministry teams) and parenting children children to raise a new generation of Kid Revivalists to transform society.

The conference teachings provide practical tips to transform children’s church and raise naturally supernatural children who love the Presence of God.  The course also equips parents to become co-workers with children’s church to continue fostering their child’s learning and experiences at church in the comfort of their own home. Revival is truly multi-generational.  Several school teachers have also attended these conferences and found that they could apply the teachings in their classrooms.

The conference also aims to lead child leaders (adults and teenagers) and parents into their own personal encounter with God, which brings refreshing, encouragement and hearing God’s voice. God has a purpose and a plan for each of us in this time and season and spending time in His presence invigorates us for the journey ahead. Children’s churches are also encouraged and given the opportunity to make connections with other children’s churches in the city at the conference.

Who is this conference aimed at?

  • Children’s church teams
  • Children’s pastors/leaders
  • Children’s church teams: includes teachers and assistants
  • Parents and care givers
  • School teachers and assistants
  • Teenagers working with or interested in working with children

Churches that host these conferences normally invite children’s churches in their city to attend the conference.  This is very exciting to experience, since children’s churches get to know each other and start to take hands, share resources and become co-workers in the ministry.

Possible teaching topics for this conference

Children and their godly identity

This session explores the meaning of the phrase ‘kid revivalists’ and establishes a new and fresh vision for children’s churches and families, and keys to unlocking a child’s Godly identity.

Encounter stations

An effective tool to lead children into the Presence of God is through encounter stations.  Encounter stations are different places in a room where children can encounter God’s Presence through their various senses.  During conferences, several encounter stations are set up and adults can encounter God through these stations.  This is also a good opportunity for adults to see how encounter stations can be used at home and in children’s churches.

How to teach children to hear God’s voice 

This session explores how to lead children into God encounters, to distinguish and know His voice and confidently prophesy over friends, family and others in society.  A specific focus of this session is also how to use children to prophesy during adult services and how to raise prophetic teams of children.

How to teach children to heal the sick

Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit and are powerfully used by God to transform society.  This session explores how to teach children to heal the sick, and how to create opportunities for children to heal the sick.

Teaching children to change the atmospheres they live in

Children are very sensitive to the spiritual atmospheres around them.  This session provides guidance in how children can be taught to discern and react in a Godly way to atmospheres around them.

Transforming children’s church

This session explores the processes a children’s church goes through towards the goal of raising kid revivalists.  Discussions include:  What does a transformed children’s church look like?  What does a transformed Sunday morning service look like?  How can the children’s pastor/leader get the team motivated to teach with the same goal in mind?  How can the children’s pastor/leader find new team members?  How can the children’s pastor/leader develop, take care of and equip the ministry team?  How can a children’s church connect with parents?

The course topics can be changed and developed, according to the guidance/prompting of the Holy Spirit and the needs of specific children’s churches.

Would you like to host a conference at your church?

This conference is hosted over weekends at churches.  If you would like to host this conference, contact Esmé at admin@esmeschmitt.com or fill in a request form.