Prophetic Word for the season: A fresh hunger and thirst for God

Prophetic Word for the season:  A fresh hunger and thirst for God

Some months ago God started to speak to me about a ‘new wineskin’ that is needed for the ‘new wine’ He wants to pour out.  I was especially excited when I found the song “new wine” from Hillsongs worship (There is More).  Many times God uses specific songs to speak about what He wants to do on the earth..and this song is such a prophetic voice.

A new internal wineskin

The ‘new wineskin’ that God wants to build does not refer to structures in church or ministries.  It is actually our internal wineskin that God wants to change.  Our hearts and minds (and maybe even our bodies) need a new wineskin that can hold the new wine God wants to pour over us!

As I started to question God about how to get this new wineskin, He took me to Matthew 5:6:

In the scripture there are five profound concepts, namely blessed, hunger/thirst, righteousness and satisfaction.  Below I will discuss each concept:


The word blessed means the following:  ‘happy, to be envied, spiritually prosperous, with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions.’  This scripture implies that if you want to experience the above, you need to get hungry/thirsty for righteousness.  True happiness (regardless of outward conditions) come from a deep hunger and thirst for God!


Hunger and thirst

The next concept is hunger and thirst.  Human beings cannot live without food or water.  It is an essential part of life.  It is therefore natural to have the physical response of hunger and thirst when your body needs food or water.  In the same way we cannot truly live (be fully alive) if we are not in right standing with God (righteousness).  Our body, soul and mind crave and need God.  Our being needs a full revelation of the cross, an understanding of God’s love for us and much much more.  We need to pursue righteousness like a thirsty man will pursue water!


The meaning of righteousness is very deep and profound.  In fact, I want to spend time in the upcoming months to dwell more into the meaning and implication of this word.  Righteousness means “right standing with God, integrity, virtue, purity of life and correctness of thinking/feeling and acting.”  God desires righteousness for us.  He wants us to be fully and completely in right standing with Him.  To do this we especially need a revelation of who He is, what happened on the cross and who we are because of it.  Matthew 5:6 says that we need to ardently crave or eagerly desire (the meaning of hunger) to be in right standing with God.  We need to be continually hungry and thirsty to be with God…moment by moment.


Matthew 5:6 says that if we are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, we will experience complete satisfaction.  This is truly a ‘wow’ statement…God wants us to experience complete satisfaction in Him.  This satisfaction does not come from doing the work of the ministry, but from our hunger and thirst for God!

Prophetic Word for the season

In this season, God is releasing a new and fresh hunger and thirst for righteousness.  He wants to build, inside of us, a wineskin of right standing with Him and of complete satisfaction in Him.  This is the season where you will be gripped with a fresh hunger and thirst for God.  In fact, the hunger and thirst will be so intense that you will want to spend more time with Him.  You may even change your schedule so that you can have more time with God.  There is also a grace, in this season, to remove anything from your life, mind (thinking patterns) or heart that stands between you and God.  This grace will make this process easy and quick!

Lastly, God teaches us the following spiritual principle in Matthew 7:7  “Ask and it shall be given.”  God wants us to ask Him the things we desire.  In this season I encourage you to act on this Word and to start to ask God for this new and fresh hunger and thirst.  It is available for you!


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