Hearing God’s Voice (poster series)



This series includes four posters that can be used to teach children how to hear God’s Voice.  Please note that the posters do not have a yellow background (like the images) and, once purchased, will be emailed to you in a PDF format.  A good idea is to print each poster in full color and to laminate it.  You can place these posters on the walls of the rooms in your children’s church, your classroom or even in a child’s room.

The posters are:

The meaning of colors

This poster explains the prophetic meaning of some of the most popular colors that kids usually see when they prophesy.

How to minister using colors

This poster teaches children in step-by-step how to prophesy using colors.

Hearing God’s voice through the Word

This poster teaches children step-by-step how to read the Word of God.

How does God speak to me

This poster teaches children different ways in which God could speak to them.  It is a great tool to use when you are teaching children to hear God’s voice.

Please note:  The “Hearing God’s voice” poster series is only available as a PDF download.  Please note that this file cannot be used by anyone, other than the person purchasing the file.  Copying and distribution of this file is prohibited.


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