Kid Conferences Copy

Esmé is passionate about training children to become true revivalists who love the Presence of God and are eager to be used by God to transform all aspects of society. Esmé also loves to see children walk in the fullness of their destiny, to know the love of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, to experience His Presence and to know His voice.

Esmé is always eager to teach children the following;

  • How to encounter the Presence of God?
  • How much does God love me?
  • How to hear God’s voice
  • How to prophesy
  • How to heal the sick
  • How to preach
  • How to read the Word of God
  • How to shift atmospheres

Esmé is a revivalist and loves to take children on treasure hunts, to heal the sick in hospitals, pray at businesses and do prayer walks in the neighborhood.

Esmé does weekend or one day conferences and/or short sessions with children from ages 3 to 12.  If you would like to invite Esmé to do a conference with the children in your children’s church or at your school, then contact her at or fill in a request form.