We are currently experiencing a great outpouring of God’s Spirit over children in South Africa. There is a fresh and new hunger to know God.  God is truly doing something new in our midst! It is our greatest dream and desire to see our children’s hearts ignited for God and to raise them to carry His Presence.

We would like to invite you to join us in Cape Town, South Africa, to spend two glorious days with us in the Presence of God. We will also do a mini version of this conference in Klerksdorp on the 27th of July.  We want to equip parents, teachers, caregivers and children’s church leaders with practical skills and knowledge on how to best foster a strong foundational relationship in their children with God. We often overlook the importance of children in churches and ministry. Children can be powerful, and their testimonies and faith can be just as life-altering as ours. We hope to give you a God-experience that leaves you walking away with a desire and passion to ignite that same fire within you, in the children you live and work with.

This conference, though, is not just about being equipped and trained. It is also designed to draw you closer to God, to be immersed in His Presence, to get refreshed, hear His Voice about what He is about to do in your life and to connect with other like minded people!

Guest speaker at Ignite: Heather Thompson from UK

Heather Thompson has been involved in children’s ministry since she was too old to be a child in the Sunday school!

Leading children’s groups early in her teenage years, God called her to full time children’s work when she was 15 years old. After teaching for 5 years in both Primary and Secondary schools, she left that job to fulfill her calling. Heather, as well as other members of the Powerpack Ministry team, have ministered extensively throughout the UK and internationally in countries such as: Argentina, Armenia, Uganda, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Romania, Thailand, Burma and the USA.

Heather Thompson founded Powerpack Ministries in 1986 and she is still the director of this ministry.

This ministry originated from the concept that children can be little ‘powerpacks’ for God. Heather believes that the word ‘Powerpack’ is all about seeing children raised up as ‘God chasers and nation shakers’.

Powerpack Ministries is interdenominational and charismatic in character. They are team based, which implies that they draw volunteers from various churches throughout the UK and overseas.