Find a safe place in God

Find a safe place in God

I am not the kind of person that easily builds up offense against people.  In fact, I thought I was offense-free.  That was (ha ha) until, quite recently, when God highlighted Psalm 33:8 to me and asked me this question:  ‘Esmé, do you truly trust me?  My first response was ‘yes of course’, as is always the response when God asks a silly question like that!  “Of course I trust you God!  I find a safe place in God…always”  But then I paused for a while to think…experience has told me that when God asks a question like that I was about to learn something about my hidden self!

I hesitantly started a conversation with God (I say hesitantly because deep down I knew God was about to show me something inside of me that I wasn’t going to like!).  After some questions and answers I realised that, due to some events that took place a few years ago, I have been disappointed in God.  I was shocked.  I did not know that I was holding onto disappointment!

In the last blog I wrote about ‘false refuge places’ that we sometime choose as a hiding place.  Well, I realised that my disappointment in God has taken me to some ‘false refuge places’ – the favorite being Television series!  Very gently God started to show me why I have been hiding from him and what I could do to find a safe place in Him.  In this blog I would like to share with you three things I have learned about the process to find a safe place in God.


In Psalm 32:5 David says “I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I did not hide.  I said, ‘I will confess my transgressions to the Lord (continually unfolding the past until all is told)’ – then You (instantly) forgave me the guilt and iniquity of my sin.”

I know this sounds strange, but I had to go through a process of forgiving God and letting go of the things I was holding against Him.  It was liberating to let that offense go! Forgiveness is sometimes a two way process.  We have to forgive God for what we ‘perceive He had done (and yes that perception is of course a lie – but we don’t realise it is a lie until God highlights the offense)’ and then ask Him for forgiveness for our hard hearts.  Experiencing forgiveness is a very important when you want to find a safe place in God.  You need to be free to fully access the safe place He has for you.


“You are a hiding place for me; You, oh Lord, preserve me from trouble, You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance’  (Psalm 32:7)  This scripture is truly amazing.  We are surrounded (with no gaps!) with songs and shouts of deliverance!  When we find a safe place in God, we find a place filled with music.  But its not just music…its  heavenly songs that continually provide deliverance for us.  How blessed are we!

When you seek God for the safe place, it is a good idea to spend time in worship.  Use songs to show God Honor and to revere Him.  I believe that in times like that, God gives you actual songs to play that mirror some of the heavenly deliverance songs that are already being sung around you.  As you then hear these songs, allow it to minister to you and start to belief what God is saying…then your deliverance will comes!


Our safe place with God is not a physical place.  It is an internal experience and a deep knowing of God’s safety and protection.  It is also continual communion with God.  When you are in this place, you are free to also hear God and He can instruct you and teach you in the way you must go (Psalm 32:8)  I find that in times when we are truly hiding in God, we are in dire need of instruction.  That is the one thing that a ‘false place of refuge’ cannot provide.  I love it when God starts to give us His thoughts about how to move forward.  I appreciate it when He fills us with peace and hope that those ideas will yield fruit.  God knows exactly what we need in the safe place with Him.

Today I want to encourage you to step into your refuge place with God.  The deliverance that awaits you will change your life forever.  God has an answer for your current situation and He is waiting to tell you all about that in the safe place he has provided for you!


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