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Transforming Hearts & Lives Conference

The conference aims to equip and encourages anyone working with and parenting children, to raise a generation of Kid Revivalists to transform society.

The conference teachings provide practical tips to transform children’s church and raise naturally supernatural children who love the Presence of God.  The course also equips parents to become co-workers with children’s church to continue fostering their child’s learning and experiences at church in the comfort of their own home. Revival is a multi-generational effort.

The conference also aims to lead child leaders and parents into their own personal encounter with God, which brings refreshing, encouragement and hearing God’s voice. God has a purpose and a plan for each of us in this time and season and spending time in His presence invigorates us for the journey ahead. Children’s churches are also encouraged and given the opportunity to make connections with other children’s churches in the city at the conference.

During this conference attendees will also be prophesied over by small group of prophetic teams that consists predominantly of kids.

Esmé is passionate about training children to become revivalists who love the Presence of God and are eager to be used by God to transform all aspects of society.  She is a firm believer that children do not carry a junior Holy Spirit and are used by God in many powerful ways.  Over many years, Esmé has presented and been involved with many conferences and outreaches to children in Southern Africa, Gabon, North and South America and France.

Esmé believes that the Church needs a new wineskin to raise and nurture kid revivalists. She is therefore also passionate about mentoring children’s churches (children’s church pastors/leaders/teachers) and parents to raise up such a generation of kid revivalists.  Esmé was a children’s pastor at God Adventure for several years and is currently overseeing several children’s churches in South Africa.  She is also mentoring children’s pastors or leaders in South Africa, France and Mozambique.

In order to provide support to children’s churches and parents, Esmé has created resources that enable them to nurture and develop the powerful work that God is doing in children’s lives.  Her resources include mentoring video clips, manuals, booklets, lesson plans, posters that are available on her website www.esmeschmitt.com (this website will be launched on the 16th of October 2015).

Esmé has been privileged to write and produce Children’s Christian radio theatre for Radio Tygerberg.  Her stories, called “Brille sê”, aired for nearly 5 years in the Western Cape.  One of her many tools in ministry is puppetry, which she has been involved in for nearly 15 years.  Esmé’s puppet called Sunshine is an all time favorite with both adults and kids.  

Esmé has a long history in education, with a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Cape Town.  She has been involved in various projects including teacher training and development in Mathematics, and the developing of  Mathematics tests for the Western Cape Education Department.  Esmé is also the author of several series of Mathematics textbooks that are currently being used in schools in South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia.  Her purposes in writing these textbooks are twofold: Firsly, to provide excellent Mathematics resources to disadvantaged schools.  Secondly, to create an opportunity for God, once learners and teachers touch the textbooks, to bring His supernatural intelligence and His transformational Glory in classrooms.


Friday night

18:00 Session 1: Children and their Godly identity

          Session 2: Encounter stations:  Ministry time for all conference attendees

 Saturday morning

09:00 – 11:00 Session 1: Raising naturally supernatural children 

This session include discussions on teaching children to hear God’s voice, to prophesy, do signs miracles and wonders, worship and much more.

11:30 – 13:00 Session 2: Transforming your children’s church

This session explores the processes children’s church goes through on the journey of raising kid revivalists.  Discussions include:  What does a transformed children’s church look like?  What does a transformed Sunday morning service look like?  How do I get my team on the same page?  How do I find new team members?  How do I develop, take care of and equip my team? What is the role of the parent in children’s church?

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For more information contact Nothando at kids@godadventure.org


October 30, 2015


October 31, 2015


God Adventure
45 Inverleith Terrace, Quigney
East London, South Africa




God Adventure
45 Inverleith Terrace, Quigney

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