May 2018
How to teach children to make God their refuge?

Children are not immune to the trauma of life.  They experience divorce, death, bullying, lack of friends, achieving low grades at school, not making the first rugby team or many other things like that.  During such times they need a place to hide and to heal. If you have a nurturing home, it is really great since you can provide a safe place where you child can process their thinking.  Even this, though, is not sufficient for what your child need in times like that.  Your child need God and they need......

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Apr 2018
Afraid to hear what God wants to say?

Have you ever ignored God for a while, simply because you are afraid to hear what God wants to say?  Have you ever  ignore God’s voice, simply because you assume that He does not want to give you that one thing you desire? In this blog I will discuss three reasons why we sometimes tune out God’s voice and what you can do to boldly open your ears to hear Him yet again. Why are we afraid to hear what God wants to say? Forgetting God’s nature In the previous blog I......

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