Apr 2018
Hiding from hearing God's voice?

I never knew this…but it seems I am an expert at hiding from ‘hearing God’s voice’.  During the month of December I experienced a mini burn-out and took a few weeks to recover.  It was an excellent opportunity to recover, get refreshed and find my breath again.  But what did I end up doing in that time?  I watched a lot (and I mean A LOT) of series on tv!  To be honest, I did not spend much time with God. After doing this for some time, I started to think about......

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May 2015
Can children encounter God?

God loves children. When Jesus was on earth He rebuked adults who prevented children from being with Him. He even said that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! God wants children to be with Him, know Him and experience His Love. God does not wait for children to come after Him – no, He pursues them! His pursuit is so real that He also gives them the fulness of His Presence. It’s God’s desire that children encounter Him with all their being. He truly loves them with an everlasting love. Can......

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Feb 2014
Putting back the joy in children's church

Many years ago I remember walking into a children’ church and thinking, “It’s so depressing here.”  I did not base this conclusion on what people said or even the children’s church programme of the day. It was just simply a depressing place to be in. This really distressed me and I decided to find out where this feeling came from.  I started to talk to the children’s ministry team members about why they are serving in children’s church and soon found out…most of the teachers actually wanted to be in adult church. They felt trapped in children’s church......

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